"to create a comfortable living environment of Miyazaki, to contribute to society"

Business and Features

of creativity than about 50 years of experience, we are government, the prefecture outside the general business and customer's in the prefecture top class. Heisei in five years, taking the first letter of "staff to create a comfortable Miyazaki of environment" from the sun water Industrial Co., Ltd., has introduced the CI and AMECS. ISO9001 acquired in 2004, with the aim quality to the customer, the process, the safety management. In particular, it is at the quality we do construction of high and uniform quality using the construction procedure manuals and the like. A related company, we have operated in the (stock) AMECS Estate, Heisei pay nursing home each 40-bed than 16 years in Miyazaki and Kobayashi (well Court Sadowara, Kirishima) Opening was on track.

Main trading partners

Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport Miyazaki Prefecture (Buildings Department Division, Central Agriculture and Forestry Promotion Bureau, civil engineering office) Miyazaki Miyazaki City Water Supply and Sewerage Authority (Ltd.) Sakashita set other


The disposal of untreated sewage and domestic wastewater directly into waterways will contaminate rivers and eventually the ocean. This will lead to a deterioration in the quality of water drawn for drinking, resulting in damage to health. It is possible to prevent these problems by treatment of sewage and wastewater prior to discharge into waterways.

The construction costs for the development of large scale drainage systems are enormous. Furthermore, in terms of running cost, operation is highly inefficient if there is not tens of thousands of users.

For residential areas, a small combined treatment tank makes it possible to process sewage and wastewater at a lower cost than maintaining the public sewer.

We are planning to deploy the above mentioned initiatives to Asian countries.